Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 710ml Bottle
Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 710ml Bottle
Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 710ml Bottle

Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 710ml Bottle

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Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 710ml Bottle


Is there anything it's not recommended for?


Despite being safe for most clothing and your hands, there are still some things that you need to be careful with:

Clothing made with rayon, acetate or silk and listed as "Dry Clean" is not recommended. 

Surfaces that are porous like marble, granite or wood and that need special care, may absorb the liquid and dull the surface. 

What types of stains does it work on best?

The Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover is effective on a wide variety of stains, but here are some that it works particularly well on:


Blot wet stain of excess liquid or moisten dry/old stains with water, pour a little on and then launder as usual or rinse away soapy residue.

Berries, Pomegranate Juice and Tomatoes

Like wine, these disappear on contact

Remove excess material, moisten with water, spray and then launder as usual.

Blood, Grass, Lipstick and Mascara

These also quickly disappear; although they need a little rubbing. Remove excess material, moisten with water, pour a little on then use some rubbing to lift the stain and dissolve the colour-causing particles. Again, launder as usual. 

Carbon, Tea and Grape Juice

These types of stains do come out, but not on contact. Remove excess material, moisten with water, spray and then launder for a great post-wash result. 

Why does it not work on "this" stain?

Our formula is very powerful and removes a wide variety of stains. However, there are some stains on some fabrics that seem to be harder to remove than others. Following the Instructions (absorb excess/moisten with water/treat area/ allow some time/launder as usual) can be repeated and significant progress should be made. 

As there are so many things to consider with a stain - such as how long it's been there. what it is, has it been previously treated, what fabric is, etc. etc. - it's impossible for any stain remover to remove every stain.

How do I use the Instant Stain Remover on clothing and linens?

Remove excess liquid from stained area.

Slightly dampen area with cold water.

Pour a little on, rub in if needed.

Rinse well with water.

For stubborn stains, repeat if necessary.

Launder as usual. 

Is it safe on Upholstery and Carpets?

Yes, our formula works very well on heavier fabrics and should quickly get rid of carpet stains. However, after treatment, it is important to properly remove all soapy residues. We suggest a vacuum cleaner or careful use of a sponge and rinse with water. 

Failure to properly remove residue can result in the clean spot collecting dust over time. If residue does remain and this occurs you can still use a vacuum cleaner or sponge to clean it away.

Is the Instant Stain Remover safe on my fabrics?

Stains are a pain but you certainly don't want the removal to be worse than the problem. The good news is that our formula does not contain harsh oxidising agents such as peroxide or chlorine bleach, and is generally safe on all washable fabrics EXCEPT rayon and acetate (which hate getting wet anyway). 

To be safe, you should check any labels and if you read "wash separately", "wash in cold water", "hand wash", "do not use detergent", or "turn inside out to launder" it may indicate that the dyes in these items are not colourfast.

What is a Colourfast test?

To test if our formula is safe for your fabric, you can choose an inconspicuous corner of the material (maybe a hem or other hidden area) and give it a few dabs.

Leave for two or three minutes and then blot with a white paper towel. If the colour do not change, run or come off on the paper towel; and if the item is definitely washable, you may safely use the Stain Remover.