Ecoegg Fridge Saver Bags set German 25L  2xbox +10blue Cheese Bags

Ecoegg Fridge Saver Bags set German 25L 2xbox +10blue Cheese Bags

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Ecoegg Fridge Saver Bags set German 25L 2xbox +10blue Cheese Bags

Set contains 2 x 25 Large Fresher for Longer food storage bags, and 10 ziplock Cheese freshnesh pouches

Ecoegg Fresher For Longer Bags

How do I use the Fresher For Longer Bags?
1. Remove your fruit or vegetables from it's original packaging.
2. Ensure food is dry before placing into the bag.
3. Press the air out of the bag.
4. Fold the top of the bag over so that it is loosely sealed.
5. Place in the fridge or store on your shelf as normal.
We recommend you place one type of produce in each bag.
How many times can I reuse each Fresher For Longer Bag?
Each bag can be reused up to 30 times.
Simply rinse with tepid water and let dry.
How will the Fresher For Longer Bags prolong the life of my fruit & veg?
Each green bag is impregnated with Oya; a natural mineral which absorbs ethylene gas - the "ripening hormone" - which is the key cause of fresh produce turning "bad".

What size are the Large Fresher For Longer Bags?
(length x widest point) - 42cm x 34.5cm (16.5" x 13.6")

Cheese Freshness Pouch

Instructions for use
Congratulations on your purchase of egocegg fresh cheese bags

Using the ecoegg freshness bags for cheese helps to keep your cheese fresher for longer.
Please note: only blue bags are for cheese, the green bags are for fruit and veg.

• Cheese stays fresh longer
• Scientifically proven effectiveness
• Save money by throwing away less

How to use the ecoegg pouches for cheese

Place the cheese in the freshness pouch, squeeze out excess air and
seal the bag tightly. Store the cheese in the refrigerator as usual.
Put only one type of cheese in each bag.
To reuse, rinse the bag with lukewarm water and before
allow to dry thoroughly before using again.
Can be used up to 10 times.

Keep out of the reach of children
Not suitable for freezing
Not suitable for use in the microwave
If you have any questions, please contact us